Reptile, Invert & Small Animals Shelter, Rescue & Adoptions. Pet Shop, Pet Care Clinic & more.
Association of Protecting Exotic Species
Reptile, Invert & Small Animals Shelter, Rescue & Adoptions. Pet Shop, Pet Care Clinic & more.
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Exotic Reptile & Invert Shelter, Rescue, Adoptions, Sponsorships, & Donations & so much more. Helping to educating owners & help owners rehome their pets. Never judging and here to help if we can.

The three R's

We go by the three R's in our everyday work. 


We rescue exotics of all types, from spiders, scorpions, reptiles, and more. Helping owners rehome their pets.


Regardless of how an animal looks, we will ensure it is healthy before rehoming.


We are dedicated to finding the best forever home possible. 

Animals Currently Accepted


Inverts of all types.


We accept the following breeds, King Snakes, Corn Snakes, Garter Snakes, Milk Snakes, Beauty Snakes, Royal Pythons, Hognose, Baby/Juvie Boa, and Baby/Juvie Pythons. We do not have the facility for fully grown boa, or Bermise Python.


We can only accept Geckos at this moment in time.


We can accept Hermans, spur thigh, horse field, Chinese Star and many others.


Due to the need we have started accepting rabbits.

Quick View Our Services

See our services and quick access to services.

Shelter Service

For the surrendering of pets to our charity. We are not here to judge, we just want your pet to get a new home. We also help with people on benefits.

Rescue Service

For people and businesses that may find an unwanted visitor in their home or place of work.  If you need it removing this is the service for you.

Donor Community

Sponsorships & Donations all in one place. With helpful information and facts, links to resources and much much more!

APES Pet Shop

Our pet product selling shop, available in our center or online. We do not sell animals at the pet shop as we only do pet products. Reptile, Inverts, Dogs & Cat products available. 

APES Pet Care Clinic

A non-veterinary clinic to help people with everyday reptile, invert, dog and cat problems, from flea and worming treatments to claw clippings. Helping you keep your pet's welfare at the top of your list. 

Lost N Found Service

Free lost and found service for pet owners and for others to report a found animal. If our database gets a match we contact the owner and arrange for verification of ownership.

Adoption Wall

Show off your new family pet, take photos of him/her in their new environment, story's, videos and more available to upload. Share and comment, but remember to show love. 

APES Newsroom

Get the latest direct from APES them self on APES Newsroom. A social network owned and maintained by APES to help communicate news to service users. 

APES Recruit

Volunteering and students can now apply via our recruitment website. Easily apply for positions, discuss your application and much more available. 

Our YouTube Adoption Video

"Animals currently waiting for forever homes."

Inverts, Reptiles & Small Animals

We shelter & rescue reptiles, invers and now some small animals. For more information, please visit our about us page.

View our centre.

These are the latest images of our center and a walk through it. 

Our Other Services


We have an center & online shop to help fund the rescues mission, feeding of the animals and more. Free delivery for WA9 area customers.

  • Enclosures
  • Substrate
  • Decor
  • Bowls & Hides
  • Live Food
  • And Much More!

NED - National Exotic Database

Care Sheets, Facts, Information, Health and more about your pets. Join and be part of the database and much more.

APES Pet Care

APES Pet Care is not a veterinary practice but a port of call for first aid and worries.

  • Consultations
  • Treatments
  • First Aid
  • Claws
  • Beaks
  • Flea & Worming
  • Microchipping

APES Donor Communtiy

Donate in a fun way, join our community. Get status updates, videos, photos, and much more. Join or login today!

APES Pet Bank

Times can get hard, but we can help with our pet bank. 

  • Dog Food
  • Cat Food

Exotics @ Large

Join our free lost and found exotic pet community.

We Need Your Enclosures!

Please donate your old enclosures to us. But we can only accept them if they are usable. We do not have the time or resources to fix old broken down enclosures. 

Please note we can not collect these, but you can drop them off at our center. Unit 7, 1st Floor, Cross House, Sutton Road, St Helens, WA9 3YH

Wooden Vivarium's Donated


Glass Vivarium's Donated


Cages Donated


Animals These Helped


Exotics @ Large

Our new community helping to reunited exotic owners with their pets. 


Our Causes

Our causes don't just fight for the rights of animals that are kept as pet but wildlife as well. Alongside this we campaign for dogs, cats and more. 

Sign important petitions and more.



Our campaigns are designed to highlight issues and promote our causes. But also, the all the work we do and all the animals we work with.