APES Pet Bank
Association of Protecting Exotic Species
Reptile, Invert & Small Animals Shelter, Rescue & Adoptions. Pet Shop, Pet Care Clinic & more.

Pet Bank

Food, Equipment, and many other things can help animals and their owners.
Times are hard and we try our best to help who we can. 
If you would like to donate to the pet bank, please pop down to our center and drop them off with reception.

Available Items

Small Animals

Cat Food

We currently have some whiskas cat food available for people needing the pet bank.

Cat Treats

We currently have some cat treats available for people needing the pet bank.

Cat Milk

We currently have some whiskas cat milk available for people needing the pet bank.


Dr John Titanium 1KG Bags

A complete food formulated for all sporting & working dogs.

Rich in chicken (18%) with rice.

25% protein and 15% oils & fats.

Featuring New Zealand green-lipped mussel extract (a natural source of glucosamine) with herbs for improved mobility and joint health.

Skinner's Field & Trial Light & Senior, 1kg

We currently have some whiskas cat milk available for people needing the pet bank.

Small Animals


What can we take?

  • Exotic Heat Lamps
  • Exotic Fittings
  • Pet Food
  • Pet Toys
  • Anything else you think might be helpful to a pet and their owners.

What cant we take?

  • UVB/UVA Bulbs - This is due to now knowing how much life is left.
  • Heat Mats - We find the older and the more it is disturbed the more dangerous they become.


  1. Bank Statement - To ensure people don't abuse the service, we require to see a bank statement dated for 1 month from the day you come in. 
  2. Proof Of Benefit - ESA, PIP, DLA, JSA, and UC are accepted. 

How to access the service.

Please come into us at our center. Please explain that you need to use the pet bank and we will be happy to help is we can. 

We will have a quick chat, add you to our systems as a service user and give you the items you need. 

We Need!


Fittings, bowls, locks, any thing that can help people when times are hard. 


Food that is in date or coming to there end date.


Enclosures that you no longer need.


Kitchen Roll, puppy pads and other stuff that can be used for cleaning and to keep a pet clean.